Fire & Safety Products

Ralph J. Perry offers a variety of fire and safety products, including:

First Aid Kits

According to the NFPA, employers of businesses should have medical personnel available for personal health issues.  When a medical treatment facility is not nearby, a person or persons should be available to treat employers with first aid supplies.   

Exit + Emergency Lights

Exits to buildings must be marked by visible signs such as the one on the left.  Emergency lights are used to illuminate dark buildings in the case of an emergency with limited visibility.

Extinguisher Cabinets

Cabinets to house extinguishers other than wheeled types need to be installed on a hanger or placed in cabinets or wall recesses.  Most cabinets do not need to be locked.

Signs + Labels

Signs and labels that advertise the location of fire safety products are as important as the products themselves.  We offer a wide variety of signs and labels for the ultimate fire safety system.

Fire Hose + Accessories

Fire hoses are essential in fighting fires.  We sell fire hoses and accessories that will prevent fires from getting out of control.

Batteries and Bulbs for Exit Signs

Other Products: fire extinguisher hooks and brackets, eyewash stations, escape ladders, fire retardant spray, fire blankets, fire and police badges, and much more.